List of Services


From Switch to MCB, From Mixer to Heater, we provide maintenance & repair services to your entire household electrical system and wiring installations.


Drop by drop makes an Ocean. Save water. Save Earth

Now fix all your leaking taps and blocked drainage by calling us. Our servicemen can meet all your plumbing needs at home.


Be it your faulty television or a fluctuating Air conditioner. We service all your electronic items at home. Now you don’t have to carry them to get it fixed every time it malfunctions or wait for days for technicians to attend it. Our servicemen will do all it needs to get your appliances fixed.


Keep your Garden Blooming as always. Service deal helps you do that. Our servicemen can keep your garden and your surroundings picture perfect.


Bored of showroom designs of wardrobe or you want to fix your new wall painting? We offer all possible carpentry services and our specialist can make you custom wardrobe & other wooden work.